Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Lady Sings the Blues (Again) at KPIX

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*Uncertainty fuels newsroom; 'rudderless ship' --longtime staffer: "there's no direction here."

*Flock of new, cheap, mostly out-of-town reporters who have no clue of Bay Area locale and culture. Working on fumes and they just started! No direction.

*News Director that is out of touch.

*Still no "Face of the Station" anchor --right people in the wrong places. Staffer: "Goodrich (Juliette) should be a Monday-Friday anchor, not wasted on the weekend."

*Veronica De La Cruz experiment a virtual dud --and they're paying her LOTS of money. Hasn't moved the meter at all. Still exploring NY, according to sources.

*Ken Bastida prestige sinking faster than the Titanic! "Still can't ad-lib if his life depended on it," says newsroom vet.

*Allen Martin: Someone at Black Rock: "That's your guy?"!!

*NY watching (again)

Image result for KPIX 5*Developing story...

Monday, January 15, 2018

Cumulus SF 'Secret Memo' from Atlanta on Big Bucks Earners; 'Major Review'; Nobody is Safe

Image result for Cumulus SF Media memoA Cumulus memo from Atlanta to its SF market cluster; KGO, KNBR, KSFO, KFOG and KSAN and KNBR 1050 --indicates "extensive cost-cutting proprietary" and that in addition to basic equipment and supply material, "staff reduction, particularly those who receive more than 'six-figure' compensation, high or low' would be subject to 'careful review."

The memo was read over the phone to 415 Media by a local broadcast source who insisted its delivery be read rather then sent via e-mail and/or text.

Its authenticity was corroborated by a second independent source with knowledge of its content.

Among its Bay Area stations, there's selected air talent that receive both high and low compensation from Cumulus Media.

Last Friday, Cumulus dismissed KGO veterans Ronn Owens and Brian Copeland.

KNBR's highest paid talent, Gary Radnich and Tom Tolbert (among a few others) --are both in the "high-end" department but both deliver highly-rated numbers and their programs have good ratings. The memo didn't address various criteria nor who, if anyone, could be exempt only that a "major review" by department heads (themselves under the same scrutiny) be subject to the review.

In real terms, anybody making six figures is a little more nervous right now.

Cumulus recently declared Chapter 11 and has a $2.4 billion debt. Its payment on its first installment agreement was not paid as of this writing.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Cumulus Chapter 11 Dictated Owens'/Copeland Purge; KGO Radio Dead and Deader; Inside Story; Sunday Coffee

Related image WHAT CRUEL IRONY: The guy that excitedly proclaimed the day after the first KGO massacre that "we're going to be a really great radio station!" was shown the door himself.

Ronn Owens was summarily dismissed officially Friday, but in reality the decision was made weeks ago before the end of the year. His new ten-minute "report" is only so Ronn can still be on the air and relevant even though Cumulus gave him the middle finger.

THAT is fact.

This is bullshit.

Owens signed a two-ear deal (about $475K) in 2015 with an option (theirs) ...He has declined; the show has been in decline and its ratings in free fall. I'm not piling on, those are just the facts.

Image result for Dead KGO RadioCumulus is hemorrhaging; they have penny stock and they recently filed Chapter 11. KGO has been underwhelming (I'm being kind) and essentially a skeleton of itself with awful ratings and Bay Area radio irrelevance. Its weekday line-up was launched in 2016 (from its initial iteration in 2011) --Owens was once a local icon but has sputtered in recent years --a health malady contributed to his decline but he could still do an occasional decent interview. His new ten-minute "report", I guess is Cumulus' version of throwing Owens a bone.

Brian Copeland's exit was mostly financial. Of the weekday talkers, he made the second-most money (Chip Franklin has a contract still) and Copeland's ratings were in decline. The current crop are paid modestly. The new "Dr. Drew Pinsky" show is syndicated --essentially, free programming, KGO just runs its national spots and gets a few locals. "Armstrong and Getty" too have a contract; if Cumulus could dump them, they would but they'd have to buy them out. Eventually, they will too.

It's not just KGO that will be shredded; no doubt anyone at a Cumulus SF station --KNBR, KFOG, KSFO, 107. 7 'The Bone', who makes six figures will be facing significant salary cutbacks and/or shown the door. The Chapter 11 filing requires major cutting; Cumulus has a $2.4 billion debt and missed its first payment on that debt. It's not a pretty picture and it can only get worse.

Owens, Copeland, and others know that first hand.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Cumulus Officially Kills KGO Radio Carcass; 'New Schedule" --More Syndicated; Less Local; Anthony Memo

Image result for Old KGO Radio SO, NOW CUMULUS HAS KILLED THE CARCASS ...the existing KGO Radio has a new "schedule" (which I will post the memo from alleged PD and hired hack, Mike Anthony:

Sent: Friday, January 12, 2018 4:39 PM
To: SFO_Allstaff; Ronn Owens
Subject: KGO 810 Programming Update
Everyone -
I wanted to bring you up to speed on the programming changes that are coming to KGO 810. 
The Next Generation of KGO 810 in 2018 will have a new lineup starting Monday Jan 15th.
5A – 10A - Armstrong and Getty will continue to anchor AM Drive
10A – 12:50P - Ethan Bearman will move up from Noon – 2P
12:50P – 1P - As Ronn Owens announced today on his show, after 42 years he is going to slow down and do a daily commentary segment called “The Ronn Owens Report”. (If you remember Andy Rooney on 60 Minutes or Paul Harvey you will love what Ronn will be doing).
1P – 3P - Our newest show coming to KGO 810 is “Dr. Drew Pinski Midday LIVE”.   Dr. Drew is the face and authority of medical views and advice in the media.  We are excited to have him in our lineup.
3P – 7P - Rounding out the new lineup is The Chip Franklin Show, which has been expanded by an hour.
Brian Copeland is coming off his daily show and remaining on the KGO 810 team available for weekends and fill in.
While we are energized with what’s next for KGO 810 programing it’s also with deep regret I share that we have parted ways with Sandra Firpo.
We respect and appreciate her contributions and service to the company.  Cumulus will provide any help and support we can offer with Sandra’s future plans.
If you have any questions please see me.

Copeland: After Owens, He's Out Too on KGO Radio

Image result for Brian Copeland Brian Copeland, another KGO Radio talker and veteran of the station is out too. He announced it on his Facebook page.

Copeland follows Ronn Owens (who will only stay on in a limited 10-minute "report" M-F) Copeland, who does stand-up comedy and acting indicated the station wanted him to remain on air in "some capacity" but the specifics aren't known. 

I'll have more analysis coming soon.

Friday, January 12, 2018

GONNNNNEE! Ronn; Update 1, 2 and 3 and 4; No Copie

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Ronn Owens out as full-time KGO talker.

*Yeah, I know they gave him a token 15 minute "Ronn Report" but there's more to this.

I'm already on it.


UPDATE 1: 26 PM: I'm told Ethan Bearman will take over 10-1 PM; Brian Copeland 2-4 .

(That'll move the meter --hah!)

415 MEDIA SOURCE: Initially hearing health and declining ratings initiated all this ...which was bound to happen any day now and has finally taken place.

The decision was reached very suddenly and quietly; privately, KGO sources, even the most senior (the few who are left) had no clue this was coming and still don't know all the info.

Check back here periodically for updates.

UPDATE 2: 1: 39 PT

KGO management and Owens and his agent have been quietly, secretively, negotiating this arrangement for weeks --trying their best to keep it quiet.

Owens' health (he continues to battle Parkinson's Disease) accelerated the negotiations and ratings began sagging ...his new token (15 min) "report" was negotiated so Owens could maintain health care and not become suddenly erased from Bay Area radio. (Union cover health insurance)

Ratings factor: Owens was getting killed by "Gary and Larry" on KNBR; worse, Rush Limbaugh was beating him soundly too on KSFO (a Cumulus station, as is KNBR)

UPDATE 3 2: 36 PT -- Owens was also getting challenged by 860 AM's Dennis Prager.

UPDATE 4 : 19 PT: This is not the last big-money (by Cumulus standards) guy diminished; Cumulus recently filed Chapter 11 and those who make big bucks will see hefty cuts and or heave-ho's.

Owens' contract in 2006: $1.25M (pre-Cumulus)
His new contract with Cumulus: 2015 -2 years with mgt. option. (2 years at $475K per year)

No more discretionary money, especially for those with lousy ratings.


Ask Rich Lieberman (Suspended)

Image result for Sexy woman asking teacher questionsANSWERING your Bay Area TV/Radio Questions...please, name and town. 

*Because of the Owens story, I've suspended "ARL" --I'll try to get to your questions sometime soon, maybe Saturday.

Thanks for your understanding.